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Weeknote #8

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The 6th of Feb? Already? Where did the start of the year go? 😱

Ticking things off

I progressed things on a few fronts this week. Including:

  1. I tidied up my FlaskStarter project to use the latest version of Flask. It only required minor tweaks but I felt it was worth doing to get rid of a warning message about the upcoming version - version 2.3.
  2. I created a basic iPhone template (/static/resources/iphone-wireframe-template.svg) to use when I need to show a design in the context of being used on a phone.
  3. I helped a friend with his wordle clone for Stevenage FC game. It has been a while since I played around with javascript so I hope it works ok 🤞
  4. I took the plunge this week and upgraded my iMac to MacOS Ventura. I like to give it a few months for all the creases to be ironed out before committing so I’ll soon find out if I’ve given it long enough.
  5. I spent the last couple of days trying to fix up the wordpress theme on this site. It has barely been untouched since 2014 and desperately needs modernising. I’m updating it to use cj-frontend and fit in with the rest of the site but it’s going to take a little longer.

Hoping for Passkeys

I’m quite excited about Passkeys or at least what they promise. No passwords, no trying to meet random strength rules. And no remembering what unique rules each site might’ve had when you originally signed up 🤯

Watching the video I learnt that you can also share passkeys. That is a potential game-changer. Maybe just maybe we’ll be able to have accounts for a couple or group of people.

CSS logical properties

his blog post by Andy Bell is a good place to start with CSS logical properties (e.g. margin-block-start).

Logical properties take into account direction of the document e.g. left to right or right to left. And instead of explicitly setting margins and paddings on a specific side you can set more flexible properties that tell the browser to set the margin or padding in the direction the user reads.

Twitter or twist

Are we still looking for Twitter alternatives? I’m glad more people seem to be blogging at the moment but I am a bit lost about where I should head to find interesting things to read or waste a few spare minutes.

On a recommendation, I went on Post but I don’t know what it is and, unfortunately, it doesn’t tell me. It looks a bit like twitter or a facebook news feed. It wants me to sign up. And then I’ll be able to read news and spend points to read news? Have I got that right? I’m not sure why I need to.

A heartwarming end

The heartwarming moment of the week was when Matt pointed out the NRW folk are still publishing weeknotes on the site we set up for them during the learnbymaking labs. It is great to see. Love it ❤️

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