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Weeknote #5

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This week I had a week off from the daily grind but it still felt pretty busy. I tried to use the week as an opportunity to start 2023 in good shape.

I’m going to write weeknotes. Promise.

I’ve started to write weeknotes. Again. This time I’m going to make it easier on myself. Accept short ones are fine and I just get in the habit of writing things down and publishing.

Following Matt’s tips on weeknotes I’m going to focus on writing what I did, if I learnt anything worth sharing and sharing anything I can show for the week.

I’m going to keep them in the /notes section on my site. In my head this is a lower level than the blog section so I feel they can be rougher sitting here.

It also gives me an incentive to keep working on my TIL notes system. This week I added the ability to embed tweets.

Perfect is the enemy of done

I have to keep reminding myself things can’t always be perfect and sometimes - most times - I just need to get things out there. With this in mind I added a couple of bits to my portfolio. I still need to do write ups but at least I now reference them.

Resurrected the website for ByBritton Ltd from the doldrums. Its a static site so I’ve moved it to GitHub Pages. How to use your own domain with GitHub page.


Last week I added a favicon to the learnbymaking site. I work with Favicons so infrequently that when I do it always feels like a bit of a faff.

So this week I published notes on adding a favicon to a site including an Illustrator template for favicons.

What I’ve learnt

A couple of things that have stuck with me this week include:

I also started a course on sketchnotes. Its from Eva-Lotta Lamm whose work I always enjoy.

An image showing my desk with a blank sheet of page and various pens I'll need for my sketchnotes laid out around the edges

Every year I say I’m going to start sketching and drawing again. I never do. Maybe this will help me get started.

Anything else

This week, I also had some chats about some potential jobs. I hate these, I find them so awkward 🤷‍♂️