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Voronoi diagram

A Voronoi diagram is a diagram where regions are calculated for a given point. Each region is all the points/pixels closer to the point we are interested in than any other. These regions are called Voronoi cells.

Animated example of voronoi diagram


  • Voronoi diagrams are superimposed on oceanic plot charts so planes know where the nearest airfield is for in-flight diversions
  • Use to estimate yields for mining. Drillholes act as the original points.
  • For nearest neighbour queries. E.g. find nearest hospital to a given location (pt)
  • Can be used to find the biggest possible circle between points or in a polygon. E.g. find point to build supermarket that is furthest from any other
  • they can used to calculate hover areas for points on a chart or map. E.g. ONS scatter charts
  • estimating postcode boundaries from point data (we did this in WRA)