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A collection of thoughts, things I've learnt and things I want to remember

Learning about black lives in the UK

A record of some of the things I've learnt or heard about race disparities (mainly in the UK). These are either things I've not come across before or links to useful things for me to refer back to.

Bengal famine - Churchill routing grain away from India to add to UK's stockpiles, incase they were ever needed by UK troops during the war. They weren't, the food went uneaten, millions of Indians died.

Bristol bus boycott - exposing the bus company's racist hiring practises. A civil rights movement in the UK.

Timelapse of slave trave ships

Empassioned explanation of 'riots' in US - includes the monopoly example; 400 turns for the white people before you are begrudgingly allowed to enter the game. Made worse if you were part of the first 400 turns but all you earnt went straight to the other players.

Study showing black boys are unfairly marked if marking is done by teachers who know they are black. So anonymity is a black boy's best friend in the education system.

Report looking into risk of mother's dying during childbirth Black women are 5x more likely to die during childbirth than white women. Why?

Disproportionality in UK justice system (2016)

Things I've watched or listened to over the last year or so

Be prepared to be annoyed/frustrated/sad.

Systemic racism in the UK?