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A collection of thoughts, things I've learnt and things I want to remember

A simple checklist for images

Images make up a large portion of a website.

More often than not they are the heaviest (file size is big, takes more data to download) part of a page.

They are one of those things where they are much more complicated than you'd imagine.

I by no means do everything you need to do to handle images, but it is a trade off between what provides the best experience and time.

CSS tricks has a good list of things to consider when working with images.

I've listed out some of my must dos.

Alt text and captions

Captions are brief descriptions that provide some context.

Alt text is a description of that the image conveys. Use for informative images. Is alt text necessary for decorative images?

They should be different different. If a caption conveys all the information then maybe the alt text can be null.

Example: image of a graph.

Caption would provide some context. Confirmed COVID cases in UK in early 2020

Alt text would explain the graph. Case surged in March, growing exponentially until it peaked on X

Things I do

  • Use <figure> and <figcaption> elements when I have visible text with an image
  • Add alt text
  • use SVGs or dom elements where possible
  • Use loading="lazy" for all images. Why force a user to load an image they aren't going to see? One of the easiest ways to make your site greener!
  • optimise the image. I use and follow Jake's formula - double the largest size the image will be displayed at (e.g. 700px x 2 = 1400px), then reduce the quality as much as possble (how sharp does it need to be?)

I have a jinja macro I use to make it easier to include all the bits I should include by default.

Things I'd like to do

  • Use <picture> element with multiple formats and sizes where appropriate
  • host on a CDN - how realistic is this for personal sites?
  • because I'm using lazy loading do I need to set the width of each <img> in pixels so that it takes up the space in the page even before it loads? So that the page doesn't jolt when it loads
  • whats my fallback? If an image fails to load should I have a block colour background or something?