This is a quick post that explains a technique for achieving semi-transparent backgrounds across all the main browser players, including Internet Explorer down to IE6. Part of a design I was recently working called for this so I thought I’d share my findings.

Today I learnt about another great HTML5 feature — Prefetching, which adds the capability for the browser to load pages before a user has requested them. Definitely one for the optimisation aficionados. In this post I’m going to explain what it is; what issues it has; and how I chose to implement it.

Another short one from me today. I have been very busy with work and moving flat recently which means I haven’t been able to post as often as I’d like and as often as I’m suppose to give the rather simple rules of the postaweek 2011 challenge. I fell behind whilst away and haven’t been […]

Last week, 2 years after most people, I joined Foursquare. People that know me know I have never been a big advocate of foursquare, and for that reason I feel I need to write this post about why I have joined it and about how I intend to use it.

On Saturday I attended UX Camp London, my first BarCamp type event, and had a thoroughly entertaining and interesting time. Loads of interesting UXers turned up, delivered interesting talks and held fascinating discussions.

With all the recent hoo-ha, excitement and chatter about Google’s new shiny “facebook-killing” social network, Google+, I thought I’d scribble down a few of the thoughts I’ve had since signing up and playing around with the service.

Recently I got round to sorting out the presentation of comments on this blog. Once I’d decided how I wanted it to look it wasn’t too difficult to implement. The only bit that took a bit of time was working out what was the best approach to take for creating round avatars.

I have just discovered and learnt about a CSS3 pseudo element I’d never previously come across. The ::selection pseudo element. I stumbled across it when visiting Dan Mall’s excellently designed site. I accidentally highlighted some text and the background went green with the text turning white. I was intrigued, what kind of sorcery was this.

During the redesign of this blog I needed to decide how I was going to display any code snippets in my posts. There are few different ways of achieving this as I’m sure you’ve noticed on your travels around the web so I was mainly searching for the right tool for the job.

Slowly but surely I have been redesigning this blog. I say redesign but really I mean design this blog for the first time. Previously, I was using the Carrington Text theme. The original idea was to start of with a simple base and then tweak it bit by bit, blogging about the changes as I […]

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