During the redesign of this blog I needed to decide how I was going to display any code snippets in my posts. There are few different ways of achieving this as I’m sure you’ve noticed on your travels around the web so I was mainly searching for the right tool for the job.

Slowly but surely I have been redesigning this blog. I say redesign but really I mean design this blog for the first time. Previously, I was using the Carrington Text theme. The original idea was to start of with a simple base and then tweak it bit by bit, blogging about the changes as I […]

On Monday evening (the 11th but I forgot to publish) I attended the London Web Standards meet up. The guys behind it run a monthly event giving web people an opportunity to meet up and discuss web standardy type things. This was my first lws – I’m allowed to call it now that I’ve attended […]

Recently I have been using Git and Github a lot more. And I must admit it hasn’t been that bad and my initial trepidation was unfounded. I don’t know why but I used to fear version control systems. I used to think that they did some voodoo magic that I didn’t understand and I had […]

I had a nightmare last night. After work I went to meet a friend who had, that day, completed her accountancy qualification. Therefore her and her classmates had booked out the back area of the Rising Sun pub near Sloane Square for a few celebratory drinks. Everyone that was going was going after work which […]

Catching up on all things Web over the last few days I stumbled across the “Ideas of March” party started by Chris Shiflett.  Chris thinks there needs to be a blog revival for the benefit of the web community.  This seems to be a view held by many given the popularity of the call to […]

Unfortunately I haven’t had chance to do this recently, given how busy I’ve been with the OpenBritain work, so now I’m running a few weeks behind. The last one I did was the Abundance week meaning I have the Home and Shadow weeks to catch up on.

I was back at work today after a lovely quiet, hassle free weekend following the launched the first (beta) versions of OpenBritain.info and OpenBritain.org last Thursday. The culmination of numerous months of discussion and work.

Being a relative noob just setting out in the industry it is a given that currently I am going through a phrase where learning shed loads is vitally important. In general I learn a lot from reading blog posts and doing tutorials online but, for me when it comes to acquiring knowledge, there is no […]

This week’s action of choice seemed to be Letter Sweeping – the act of typing each letter of the alphabet into your browser’s address bar and seeing what it thinks you are looking for. Being a sheep, and follow the lead of others that have done it, such as, Tim Bray and Paul Downey, I […]

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